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Gerren Design

. This is the personal website of yours truly,

Gerren Rabideau

. Im an




, and all around


. This is my little corner of the internet; I use it to showcase my

illustration artwork

and my

web design

portfolio. By day I work full time as a

web designer

making the internet look better one page at a time, but by night I like to



What do I paint you ask?

watercolor fantasy and sci-fi illustrations

, but I also dabble in editorial and digital work as well. Plus, I also keep a blog of whatever else I decide to write about;

comic books, traveling, color theory, how much IE sucks

, etc...

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Mike's Wedding

The Photos (finally)

Download all of the photos: Mikes Wedding

Breaking Bad

My latest addiction

I started watching this show a few weeks ago, one night I couldn't sleep and watched the latest 3 episodes. Since then I've become completely addicted. The story is about a high school chem teacher who finds out that he is quickly dieing of lung cancer. He quickly realizes that he'll be leaving his family behind with nothing. So, in an effort to make some money to leave them when he dies he starts secretly cooking Meth. Which he sells with his partner, a former student of his.

The Sultan of Gamers

The coolest game table ever

Sultan Game Table

It's so beautiful...I'm speechless. As a life long geek I can tell you one of the most difficult issues to deal with is "where are we going to play?". It seems like there is never enough space, and dinning room tables just don't cut it. They are always too high, or too low, and dice are always getting lost underneath them. You always have a mess of papers and book in front of you that ends up cluttering up the game area. Plus, drinks end up getting spilled all over the place. Finally, someone came up with a brilliant and tasteful way to alleviate these issues.

Built in desk stations, book shelves, slide out cup holders, built in dice towers and channels, fig. storage chambers, pencil and dice corals... And last but not least, an enormous dropped playing table that is transparent so you can draw on it with dry erase markers and not screw up you maps below it. *sigh* if only I had the space to put it somewhere I might consider buying one. Despite it's over-whelming price tag of $8,000+

You can learn more about the Sultan Gaming table at, or click on read more to see a brief video showing the features of the Sultan Gaming Table.


The label design

Recently my co-worker Chris and I were discussing the finer points of brewing your own beer. He asked me to help him come up with a label for his beer bottles. I didn't have a lot of time to work on it, just 20 minutes, but this is what we came up with:

GerrenDesign | Heffer-Weizen

And now, a toast to two-headed cows everywhere...

Sherlock Holmes Movie

It's elementary, my dear Watson