Gerren Design

Hey, welcome to

Gerren Design

. This is the personal website of yours truly,

Gerren Rabideau

. Im an




, and all around


. This is my little corner of the internet; I use it to showcase my

illustration artwork

and my

web design

portfolio. By day I work full time as a

web designer

making the internet look better one page at a time, but by night I like to



What do I paint you ask?

watercolor fantasy and sci-fi illustrations

, but I also dabble in editorial and digital work as well. Plus, I also keep a blog of whatever else I decide to write about;

comic books, traveling, color theory, how much IE sucks

, etc...

Rick Rolling

Today Only!!

As part of their many April fool's day jokes, Google has Rick rolled anyone that goes to YouTube and clicks on one of the featured videos. If you don't know what Rick Rolling is all about, click here.

You can also check out some of Google's funny new features;

Gmail Custom Time
Google Scratch and Sniff Books


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