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Gerren Design

. This is the personal website of yours truly,

Gerren Rabideau

. Im an




, and all around


. This is my little corner of the internet; I use it to showcase my

illustration artwork

and my

web design

portfolio. By day I work full time as a

web designer

making the internet look better one page at a time, but by night I like to



What do I paint you ask?

watercolor fantasy and sci-fi illustrations

, but I also dabble in editorial and digital work as well. Plus, I also keep a blog of whatever else I decide to write about;

comic books, traveling, color theory, how much IE sucks

, etc...

Getting connected like never before

With Movable Type, Xomment, and Facebook Connect

Long ago, in a website far, far away I downloaded and installed the Facebook Connect Commenters Plugin for Movable Type. I have to say, I was not impressed by it. Besides letting users log in and comment using their Facebook account it really doesn't leverage any of the other features of Facebook Connect. In particular, the Facebook Connect Commenters Plugin has a JavaScript file called signface.js, in which it looks like there is a half written script to post back to a user's wall. What's the point of that? Did someone just give up?

So, I set out to finish the Facebook Connect Commenters Plugin. I wanted FB users to be able to come to my site and comment without having Log in. I wanted comments to feel faster and closer mimic the comment system that Facebook uses. Lastly, and most importantly I wanted FB users to be able to quickly easily post their comments back to their Facebook wall like I did in the image below. If you want these things too, then today is your lucky day...


Galvanized to paint

My first finished(?) watercolor illustration in over a year

Gerren Design | Werewolf Illustration

Over the last two years I really haven't finished much artwork. I've been doing mostly freelance web design. This weekend though I was inspired to put my brush into action by my friend Kevin who was showing me some of his work. It reminded me just how much I miss painting.


Scud: The Disposable Assassin

The non-disposable ending to an amazing comic book


What is a disposable assassin? It a solid gold killer robot you buy out of a vending machine that explodes after it kills it's target. What is a comic book? It is an ongoing or encapsulate story revolving around a protagonist. For ten long years Scud only met the former definition. In 1994 artist Rob Schrab started Scud, but in 1997 issue number 21 ended in a cliffhanger. No further issues were printed...

I gave up hope, I stopped looking.

Then, it happened I was randomly in a comic book shop and discovered that in 2007 Rob Scharb came back to Scud, and finished the series with four final issues. I highly recommend anyone who followed this in the 90s to pick up these comics.